Friday, September 16, 2011

Ten Eyes for Looking at Disease

Hypothesis: All disease is caused by some combination of

I Injury (caused by an exogenous agent, this would include hemorrhage)

I Inflammation (caused by the human organisms response to injury)

Y Immune (caused by under, over, or inappropriate response of the human self-defense mechanism)

I° Infection (caused by an exogenous microbial vector)

I Ischemia (caused by lack of blood flow)

i Inadequacy (caused by mechanical failure)

Aye Incompetence (caused by physiological failure, heart failure would presumably fall in both)

I Intoxication (caused by poison)

I Iatrogenic (caused by doctors)

¿ Idiopathic (caused by an unclear reason that is not included in the above, the cop-out)

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